March 31, 2012

Bunny ears

Infant development went well yesterday, they are still a little worried about the stiffness in Hailey's legs and her left thumb but nothing to major. We're going to start working on baby sign next time, that way when Hannah comes home with a Treach I will already know how to sign and she can watch me and Hailey doing it.

Hannah's blood gas co2 was 67 today. 40 means they need to go down on pressures 60's are good, 75 is very worriesum 80 is treach/intubate. I asked them if they could do blood gases more often so we could could closely watch her, I think they decided on doing them 3 times a week.. I really think by next week she will need a trach :(

Hannah was soooo happy to day full of smiles. We tried on their bunny ears today and Hannah was the perfect little bunny<3

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