April 16, 2011

Birth.. Plus a little

Hannah Marie
April 16,2011 12:53pm
Micro Preemie
684 grams
1lbs  8oz 
Twin A
Hailey Grace
April 16,2011 12:55pm
1330 grams
2lbs 14oz
Twin B

     The girls were born and after a quick glance of Hannah and a quick feel of Hailey they were rushed to the NICU. I didn't get to see them for 2 hours after they were born. They were both intubated on room air and seemed to be healthy for their size.

Twin B/Hailey
     After a few more tests we were told that Hannah(Twin A) had; A large, medium and a few small VSD's(holes in her heart) and a PDA(small hole in her heart common in premature baby's). They would need to be closed but she needed to be AT LEAST 6kg/6lbs9oz, 5lbs 1oz away. She would grow slower because of the holes and we were told she would have to stay in the hospital longer.

    They found white matter in Hailey's(Twin B) head ultrasound. The doctor said they would do another scan in 10 days and he had seen it disappear... sadly we didn't. They couldn't tell us what problems white matter could cause later in life. She would need an MRI at 3 months.

The term preemie is given to a baby born before 37weeks, babies born before 26weeks or weighing less then 800g/1.12lbs is called a Micro Preemie. Hannah my little micro preemie and Hailey was just big enough to make preemie.

3 Hours After Birth
These pictures don't even measure how small they really were.

Hannah/Twin A

Hailey/Twin B

Hospital day 1
after 2.5 months bed rest in Van 

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  1. absolute miracle! its just amazing what doctors can do now. My daughter was born at 23 weeks and 3 days, she was 1 lb 3 oz and 12 inches long. They kept giving us the worst but Bella had a very strong will to live. She ended up having an intestinal disease where her intestines were dying so at 3 weeks old she went into surgery to have part of her intestines removed. She had a colostomy bag for 3 months and then they finally went in an removed another piece along with her appendix and then reconnected her intestines. After not eating for 3 months they finally started to feed her 5 cc's and then just kept going up and up! Christmas Eve they finally took her off oxygen and then New Years Eve she finally made it to a crib. She has been in the hospital for 134 days so far and still looking at another couple months. But she is now 6 lbs 9 oz and doing so well. Going through something like this is hard on a father but alot harder on the mother because you feel so helpless and you cant be there for your child 24/7. But I do believe that babies who are born very early are the strongest people in the world because they had to fight for their life. Your twins were born in 2011 so Im sure they are alot bigger now but good luck with everything!!