March 31, 2012

Big city

Apart from my daughter/s being sick, I'm really glade I got to experience big city life.

I loveee radio shows! I actually love driving around listening to the radio.. I never though that was possible. I'm also glade to see that big city's aren't as scary as they seem... thanks to Mr. GPS I know my way around Vancouver decently well now. I'm not to take an off route turn or drive into the unknown because the store/place I want is there.
I also love that there is so many different cutlers.. I didn't know how to feel about it when I first got here.. but now that iv adjusted its really neat not that I at all understand some things about it.. but you'd never or very rarely see that in a small town.
I could totally live in a big city:)

Hailey's taking her after noon nap and then were off to see Hannah <3

Hospital day 351 

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