March 31, 2012

Two sleeping babies<3

They did a blood gas today because hannah was super mad last night and needed more oxygen. The Co2 was 76... That's practically 80 in my mind. They think it's because the mask was leaking air. The nurse also told me to take it easy with hannah today not play to much. Funny I get in trouble by nurses for not playing with her enough and when she looks like she's enjoying being out playing I get told not to. Another gas tomorrow.

Hospital day 351

Big city

Apart from my daughter/s being sick, I'm really glade I got to experience big city life.

I loveee radio shows! I actually love driving around listening to the radio.. I never though that was possible. I'm also glade to see that big city's aren't as scary as they seem... thanks to Mr. GPS I know my way around Vancouver decently well now. I'm not to take an off route turn or drive into the unknown because the store/place I want is there.
I also love that there is so many different cutlers.. I didn't know how to feel about it when I first got here.. but now that iv adjusted its really neat not that I at all understand some things about it.. but you'd never or very rarely see that in a small town.
I could totally live in a big city:)

Hailey's taking her after noon nap and then were off to see Hannah <3

Hospital day 351 

Bunny ears

Infant development went well yesterday, they are still a little worried about the stiffness in Hailey's legs and her left thumb but nothing to major. We're going to start working on baby sign next time, that way when Hannah comes home with a Treach I will already know how to sign and she can watch me and Hailey doing it.

Hannah's blood gas co2 was 67 today. 40 means they need to go down on pressures 60's are good, 75 is very worriesum 80 is treach/intubate. I asked them if they could do blood gases more often so we could could closely watch her, I think they decided on doing them 3 times a week.. I really think by next week she will need a trach :(

Hannah was soooo happy to day full of smiles. We tried on their bunny ears today and Hannah was the perfect little bunny<3

March 27, 2012

Room air

   They did the vocal cord scope. They said they couldn't see the left vocal cord close but that they weren't considered about it at the moment. They stopped Hannah's steroids on Sunday so now we have to wait and see if she continues to get better off of them. The Lung specialists had told me they would only want to wait a week to see if she improves before putting in a treache but yesterday morning at rounds the doctors hadn't heard that.
      Hannah's on room air stating high! She hasn't been on room air since November when she was briefly off all breathing supports. I asked them to keep her at 1 Liter of oxygen so that she doesn't end up crashing and needing a treach. They agreed with me last night... Lets hope they listened to me when I see her today :(

                                                                             Hospital day 347
                                                                           11 months 12 days

March 19, 2012

Helping Heart






Hailey in Hannah's Crib

See Hannah's little smile :)

Hailey passed out on the nurse

Cleaning Hannah's G-tube (feeding tube)

My little angel <3
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By Jessica Rae


March 16, 2012

Day 306

The doctors said the day number at rounds... 306, they are exactly 11 months old.
The Lung doctor told me today that he also think that Hannah should get a Treacheostomy :(

It was so cute today Hailey was playing on a mat in Hannahs room. Hannah was sleeping but any time Hailey would talk she would start moving her head. Not when anyone talked just Hailey <3

Do you see the red line in the centre of Hailey's Nose??

again with out the arrows.. 

Its not too noticeable, its alot easier to see in person. Its from the pressures of Cpap

March 15, 2012

Finaly caught up/tracheostomoy

Hannah was re-intubated march 13, 2012.
11 months 

  Today they told me that they think the reason she is having troubles breathing is because she might have vocal cord paralysis witch would cause her to not be able to breath properly and to not be able to talk.
   They are going to do a scope of her vocal cords three days after she's excavated to find out how damaged they are. If it is what they think they are going to try steroids and if that fails she's going to need a Tracheostomy :(.
More info on Tracheostomy

                                                                                   Hospital day 334