February 23, 2012

Infant Development Program

Notes form Hailey's Infant development session:

  • Hailey is kicking both legs nicely, playing with her toes nicely
  • just a little bit of tightness in the legs but she can come out of it when she relaxed
  • haileys left hand is fisted a little still but she can easily open her fingers and grab toys 
  • Hailey is transferring objects back and forth hand to hand
  • From sitting Hailey gets half way down to reach for a toy and then sits back up
  • Rocks back and forth on all fours
  • Sitting nicely now
  • Just beginning to commando crawl
  • Pivots around on belly nicely 
Things to work on
  1. move toys to Hailey's left more then right
  2. balls are great because Hailey holds onto them with both hands
  3. help transitioning from tummy to sitting