February 10, 2011

Finding out it's twins

Up north they only send you for one ultra sound at 20 or so weeks. February 10, 2011, I'll never forget that day. They make you go alone into the room so the tech can scan you get all the measurement and then send the dad in to have a look.. They don't even let you see the screen till the end. They also make you drink so much water the whole time your trying not to pee your pants.
Day of ultra sound
About 5 minutes into the scan she says to me "umm, I'm going to have to tell them I need more time. There's two".. PARDON ME! My family doctor had joked about hearing two heart beats... mine and the baby's(how mad was I?!).. She didn't get up right away she kept scanning as I'm freaking out hyperventilating going over everything you can't do with twins, completely forgot how badly I needed to pee. I said to her "k I need to text someone or can you get the dad(DB) please". I don't do well with being told something big like that. I need to be able to talk about it to calm down and this tech was not nice what so ever. The ultra sound tech leaves the room to go say they will need more time. Asoon as she had left the room I belted to get my phone I texted two people " OMFG it's Twins".  Once the tech came back she gave me a cup with a line on it and let me go pee and quickly tell DB what was going on.
Finally the ultra sound tech allowed DB(who also had his 3 year old son with him) to come in the room. She showed us baby A and Baby B, then she told us how baby A was smaller.... I responded to her my saying " thats ok she's just the runt". I didn't want to loose one of the two babies I had just found out about.
The doctor came and went and couldn't tell us anything he sent us to wait in emergency and called the Children's hospital to find out what to do next.
I finally got to check my phone which I had been dieing to do(I'm a phone aholic). One of the friends was just a short reply "what? really?", the second person was quite a few. I wish I would have thought to save this text. It went something like this..

"lol sure
your joking right?
Ha ha really funny Bonnie


I loved it because you could tell the minute she realized I wasn't kidding.. also because I didn't answer for an hour.

The doctor finally got a hold of the children's hospital doctors 2 hours later. They had NO answers for me. They couldn't tell me if the twin was going to make it or if I would lose both. They didn't no why one was smaller, if they were identical. All they new was the small one was on the 1st percentile(meaning small) and they shared the same placenta. I even asked since they share a placenta would't they have to be identical.. they told me no that's not how it works. WRONG that is how it works!!!!!! They told me I needed to be at  Vancouver children's hospital by Monday afternoon(valentines day 2011). I asked how long I would be there to prepare my self and they told me I wouldn't need to be there longer then 2-3 days..
Little did I know i would have to stay there till baby's were born 2 months later and Hannah would spend 18 months in the hospital.